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Tai's Kitchen brings the vibrancy of Indian cuisine to your doorstep with our Indian food catering service for the greater Charlotte area. By combining the many regional culinary cultures of India as well as our love and passion for cooking, we are able to provide authentic Indian dishes with a homemade taste.
At Tai's Kitchen, we know that authenticity only comes from putting the freshest, natural ingredients and most flavorful masalas (spices) into our food. Our masalas are homemade by Sangeeta and her brother, which adds a unique and genuine element to all of the dishes we create.
Tai's Kitchen is your one-stop destination for Catering, Take-Out, and Tiffin Services (Coming Soon!). We cater all sorts of events, such as Poojas, Parties, Festivals, Corporate Events, and much more!
Please contact us for your next event! We serve a variety of Maharashtrian, Gujarati, and Punjabi dishes, featuring both non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisine, as well as Mexican and Italian food on special request.
Whether you are craving savory Pav Bhaji, hearty Kheema Pav, spicy Bhel Puri, or a variety of our other dishes on the menu that will take your tastebuds back to India, Tai's Kitchen is just a phone call away!

About Sangeeta Korde (Tai)

Sangeeta Korde didn't have an ideal career in mind while she was growing up, but the one thing she did know was that she really loved to cook, eat and serve fantastic food to her family and friends. She traveled throughout India during her childhood and was especially interested in learning from and absorbing the unique culinary cultures from each of India's regions.
In her family, Sangeeta’s maternal grandmother was known for her culinary skills. She passed these skills down to her mother, who in turn taught Sangeeta family recipes that span generations. 
Ammai, Sangeeta’s paternal grandmother, was also an excellent cook. While growing up, she would sit by Ammai and her Mom in the kitchen while they spent laborious hours hand-picking through huge colanders of vegetables that needed peeling and chopping, or deboning fish, deveining shrimp, or preparing meat. Sangeeta loved to see her Ammai and her Mom magically transform all of these ingredients into elaborate feasts. It was an unwritten rule that Ammai would provide these amazing dishes for impromptu guests who would often arrive for dinner. This tradition became ingrained within Sangeeta and inspired her love of making food for others.
Sangeeta moved to San Francisco in 1992 after marriage, where she learned many authentic and new fusion dishes from her mother-in-law, who was also an excellent cook. She and her family moved from San Francisco to Charlotte, NC in 2001, a time when there were very few Indian restaurants in the city. Since then, she always dreamt of having authentic Indian fast and traditional food available in the city.
For a while, Sangeeta worked in the corporate world as a financial analyst but her passion was to cook. To follow her dream and begin her journey in the food business, she opened the first Maharashtrian Food Truck in the US, “Marathi Tadka”, with her friends Poonam Kulkarni & Aparna Padhye and served as the truck's Head Chef. However, she ended her partnership with Marathi Tadka due to a desire to bring her cooking to a larger audience. A few months later, "Tai's Kitchen", a service seeking to cater authentic dishes with vibrant flavors to the greater Charlotte area, was born.